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Need a immigration lawyer. ANY 19 hour(s) ago

Hello I am Rahul kumar sarker from Bangladesh.I would like to come canada,So i need a Immigration Lawyer.Can u assist me please.


Regarding private detective agency Business 21 Aug 2019

We’ve decided to establish a private detective agency . What requisite documents needed to establish the business.


Divorce related problem Family 14 Aug 2019

After we fail settlement divorce between two family. My brother divorce his wife after certain time for Mental distance and family crisis. After legal...


Minor marriage issue Family 9 Aug 2019

ছেলের বয়স 19 আর মেয়ের বয়স 20+ . তারা কিভাবে বিয়ে করলে মেয়ের পরিবার...

বাল্যবিবাহ প্রতিরোধ আইন ১৯২৯ অনুযায়ী একজন ২১ বছরের ঊর্ধ্বে...View

Minor marriage issue Family 9 Aug 2019

Chelr boyos 19+ r meyer 20+. Ekhn tara kivbe biye krle meyer family legally kono jhamela krte prbe na?


Minor marriage issue Family 20 Jul 2019

Cheler age 19+ & meyer age 18+. Tara biye korle meyer family legally kono jhamela korte parbe and eita ki only irregular marriage hobe jeita pore regular...


applay for private investigation department...... Criminal 15 Jul 2019

Dear Sir , Sir ami 2019 a ssc pass korachi sir amara student amra bangladesh ar future. sir amra bangladesh ar bibinno jaygay thaki sir bangladesh a...


legal drafting related question ANY 5 Jul 2019

my question is following what is civil and criminal drafting? format of numerous types of drafting regarding civil and criminal matter. why legal...


Divorce law in Bangladesh in general and Islamic shariah ANY 4 Jul 2019

If wife wants divorce, what will they get from husband. Husband doesn\'t want divorce.additionally wife is influenced by family

Husband can file case in family court. Further query please contract with usView

Is legally marriage possible for 19 years old boy in hindu marriage ac Family 1 Jul 2019

Hello. I want to marry a girl who is 18 years old and i am 19 years old.. Can we legally marry without gurdians permission? Her family wants to marry her...

you can marry her as you perform ur religious activity. hindu marriage registration is not mandatory. further information please contract with us.View

Nari o Shishu Nirjaton Criminal 7 Jun 2019

I\\\'ve a case of nari o shishu nirjaton filed by my ex wife.The doctor who gave medical certificate has already retired six months ago.The pad what he...

Medical certificate from govt. medical hospital will get advantage private m.c also admissible. The fact you written you will get preference in trial....View

Credit card Defaulter Banking 29 May 2019

I was in a good job from 2005 to 2016 and with in that time I had no credit card default problems. I lost my job in 2016 March and was unemployed for a...

Dear!Generally in case of credit card related problem, the bank file a case under Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 by dishonoring your cheque which you...View

private investigators license in Bangladesh Consumer Protection 25 May 2019

Hello, i am an NRB born in Bangladesh and an American citizen. I am in process if getting dual citizenship with Bangladesh. What is the legal procedure...

Dear!You have file an application (3 sets) to the Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh through a prescribed form, affidavit, property...View

leagal draft suit for cancellation deed... Civil 15 May 2019

leagal draft suit for cancellation deed... I have need that plain & writtenstatement

Dear, Please keep it in mind that every single case has its own feature so, there is no short-cut for writing a plaint and written statement. Just get...View

leagal draft suit for cancellation deed... Civil 15 May 2019

leagal draft suit for cancellation deed... I have need that plain & writtenstatement


and2465;and2495;and2477;and2507;and2480;and2509;and2488; Family 14 May 2019

আমি একজন হিন্দুধর্মাবলম্বী।...

Thanks for your query. It is understood from your statement that separation is best option for you and you have the legal right to do that. Anyway, it...View

FAMILY PROBLEM father Family 14 May 2019

Amar family te baba onek problem kore. Amar ammur upor nirjaton kore. Protidin onek jhalay. Akhon ki korte pari?

কি ধরনের জালাতন করে??View

Gratuity Meaning and Recovery from Employer Human Rights 11 May 2019

I had joined an office in 1985. The office had made a Board Resolution in 1997 that all employee who joined this office before 1997 and still working will...

you can file a case labour tribunal...View

Comparative study between Bangladesh and india related to law of succe Property 28 Apr 2019

Comparative study between Bangladesh and india related to law of succesion

Dear! your question is not clear to understand. If you wish to know about inheritance or succession system in both countries, then you have to study about...View

and2453;and2495;and2477;and2494;and2476;and2503; and2438;and2478;and24 Civil 26 Apr 2019

জনাব, আস সালামু আলাইকুম । আমাদের...

Partition suit koren.View

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